Mary Allen
Hudson Girls' Training School

Karen DePyster
Recreation Worker,
Hudson Girls' Training School

Timothy Dunleavy
Historic Hudson

Cedrick Fulton
Hudson Correctional Facility

Alice Green
Summer Counselor,
Hudson Girls' Training School

Mary Hughes
Cottage Mother,
Hudson Girls' Training School

David Kinlock
Hudson Correctional Facility

Peter Tenerowicz
Correctional Officer,
Hudson Correctional Facility

Thomas Tunney
Hudson Girls' Training School


Incarcerating Girls: A Bibliography of Historical Studies

The historical treatment of girls and young women confined in houses of refuge, reformatories, residential treatment centers, and training schools gets too little attention in reference textbooks on juvenile justice. To help fill in the missing history, Prison Public Memory Project contributor Russ Immarigeon has been working on the development of several bibliographies. This one is focused on major works on juvenile justice in the United States: Refuges, Reformatories, and Training Schools for Girls: A Bibliography of Historical Studies.

We are grateful to the New York Council for the Humanities for contributing to the development of this important resource for scholars, public historians, teachers, librarians, journalists, local history detectives, and others interested in researching girls' incarceration. These bibliographies will grow with further investigation, as well as through suggestions from readers. If you have, or know of, documents that might be included, please contact us.

Life at the New York State Training School for Girls: Annotated Bibliographies of Articles, Reports, and Books

The New York State Training School for Girls, located on a high bluff overlooking the Hudson River, was originally built as the New York House of Refuge for Women, which opened in Hudson in 1887 as a “reformatory” for women aged fifteen through thirty. Today, the site houses a medium-security state prison for men.

PPMP contributor Russ Immarigeon has compiled annotated bibliographies that reference articles, reports, and books that describe life at the New York State Training School for Girls, which opened in 1904.

The purpose of these bibliographies is to assist local historians and other members of the community to identify a broad range of publications that have addressed life for the girls, staff members, and community residents affected by the New York State Training School for Girls.

Bibliography entries are listed by date of publication, rather than alphabetically, because we feel this provides a better sense of how the institution developed over time. These bibliographies may be updated periodically as we locate and annotate further entries. If you have, or know of, documents that might be included in this bibliography, please contact us.

How can you obtain copies of the publications listed in the bibliographies? At the end of some entries, we have provided electronic links or we have indicated where a physical copy of a book or report can be found. For other documents, local college, private, public, and university libraries should be used to obtain available copies at these sites or through inter-library loan. You can find out which libraries have which books through WorldCat

For those interested in purchasing an available hard copy of a document, the following sites should be searched: AbeBooksAlibrisAmazonBookfinder, and Google

Bibliographies can be downloaded as PDFs below:

Bibliography 1. The New York State Training School for Girls, 1904-1975: An Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography 2. The New York State Training School for Girls: An Annotated Bibliography of Annual Reports, 1904-1928

Bibliography 3. The New York State Training School for Girls (1904-1928): Annual Report Photographs

Bibliography 4. The New York State Training School for Girls (1904-1928): Annual Report Maps